All is Forgiven

For my graduate project, I did a series of posters for Thursday’s Child, a Dutch rock band. It entailed six posters that each represented a song from their EP, All is Forgiven. One of the reasons why I did it is because I am a fan of the band Fatal Flowers, a band in which the lead singer of Thursday’s Child, Marco Braam, was a bass player in. Also, they had a series of setbacks involving their release, including personnel changes. We then came up with an idea that he could have a performance with these posters.

On July 7, 2017, they¬†used my posters for a performance in Poppodium Duycker, a venue in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. The concert was called “Music in Posters | Posters in Music”. More information can be found here.

(side note: an alternate version of the “Dreams” poster is being used)