Colorized Photos

A skill I have taught myself beginning in 2014, I can take any black and white photo and colorize it which brings new life to photos. Personal favorites to do are portraits, in which I can re-imagine colors of face, hair, and make-up.


Creating a Climate for Change

Perhaps the biggest project I have done (so far), this annual event took place on October 26, 2017 in Florence, S.C. As the sole graphic designer, I was in charge of everything from the conference booklet, to postcards and brochures, to name tags and “reserved” tent cards. You may view the booklet I did by clicking here.



(to purchase this design for yourself, please visit this website by clicking this link)



All is Forgiven

For my graduate show in April of 2017, I created a series of poster designs for a Dutch rock band, Thursday’s Child.