Florence, South Carolina
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Fearlessly Beautiful

Fearlessly Beautiful is a non-profit, originating in Lancaster, South Carolina. The non-profit is dedicated to helping young girls learn self-love and important life skills. The CEO came to me requesting a design. I want to walk you all through the design process.

First, I asked her to describe her organization. It is Christian based. It builds young girls up. She wanted a correlation between Christianity and royalty. I created a mood board to see if I understood where she was coming from.

Next, I created some logo sketches.

From there, she chose her top concept choices, or the ones that were most impactful at capturing her vision. I then worked to make the concepts come to life and creating the logos through InDesign and Photoshop. I make tweaks and revisions to the logos until she is satisfied!

This was the logo she chose!

Here are a few images that show the logo in action.