Long Time, No See

Hi everyone! I apologize that my website has been such a ghost town. I’ve been unbelievably busy. It’s really been unreal. I will not complain though; at one point in my life I prayed to find good friends and to have an active social life. Now that I have it, I try to live and use it to the fullest!

In the past two months, career-wise, I have…

  • Quit my job with a church. 10 days later, I secured employment as a clerk with a school readiness program. I am also the graphic designer. The job has been great so far!
  • Have helped the new job create posters, flyers, and donation forms.
  • Made certificates for four-year olds who complete a literacy program.
  • Been tasked for my new job to help plan a baby photo contest and a downtown walk.
  • Began helping Marjorie’s Girls of South Carolina, a non-profit helping girls between 10-17 with building self-esteem and learning life skills. Their grand opening is June 23! I help with the graphic design as well as other tasks. Please show your support!
  • Began work on branding a local clothes store. I am now an assistant there, and it’s mostly contract work.
  • Agreed to help someone with a book layout to a children’s book. It’s on hold, due to the author getting a major publication company to re-release his book, but he still wants to work with me when the re-release is here.
  • Helped create a calendar, a logo, and graduation invitations.
  • Agreed to meet with a local magazine this Tuesday to discuss possibly working together. If the owner and I start working together, this will be my THIRD job, not counting my freelance (ohhhh boy….).

And then I also…

  • Started taking singing lessons.
  • Got health insurance. This was the moment I felt like an actual adult.
  • Gained 20 pounds since October. Oops.
  • Made some friends…
  • …and also lost some friends.
  • Started volunteering with House of Hope again on some weekends.
  • Went to ArtFields (a big art event in Lake City, SC) for the first time. The featured image for the post is by Matthew Willey for The Good of the Hive, a project to raise awareness of bees becoming endangered.
  • Went to my first soirée for a good cause.
  • Went to my first hardcore concert.
  • …and got my first kiss (at 23)! 😉

So it’s been wild! I’m grateful for it. And I am looking forward to things getting even better.

Hi from my new desk!

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